L. Neil Brendle for Clerk of Superior Court

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

  1. Implement and Utilize Technology – Our state’s court systems have great resources in the areas of technology.  I will ensure they are better utilized in the most efficient manner possible.
  2. Cohesion, Cooperation, and Coordination – working with agencies and officials will provide for better efficiency of the court system.
  3. Efficiency and Accuracy Improvement – Research from many of the other 100 Clerk of Superior Court’s offices show streamlined procedures and protocols which will better serve the citizens of Surry County.
  4. Workforce Training/Cross Training – Empowering employees with education and training is an immediate facet of my plan.  The NC Administrative Office of the Courts provides training and education for all positions in the Clerk’s office.  Employees are most successful when they are provided the most accurate and up to date tools and training.

Goals for First 100 days:

  • Office goals:  Identify and implement resource and technology improvements
  • Human resource and workplace environment:  Identify and improve areas including staff training, cross training, skill set development and skill sharing. 
  • Improve court flow and case efficiency
  • Improve accuracy and accessibility
  • Web site development with user friendly links for information, forms, and instructions for public


  • Properly managing a workforce of this size and the human resources concerns involved will require constant attention.  Reciprocating care and attention to the employees will be of more importance than areas out of direct control of the Clerk.
  • Unifying the public officials, employees, and various agencies and fostering a cohesive work environment is a top priority beginning immediately. 
  • Great service is paramount!  Providing the public with an immediate response or assistance will greatly improve their experience with the office.

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