L. Neil Brendle for Clerk of Superior Court


L. Neil Brendle

Born and reared in a family dedicated to public service, the duties to my fellow citizen were instilled as long as I can remember. My father began public service as a Magistrate, then later worked for the Department of Insurance for several years. Before his passing, he retired early and provided services to numerous municipalities by maintaining their water and sewer utilities. My mother was equally consumed by public service. She was a contract agent for NCDMV and sold license plates for over 25 years before she passed away. During this time, she also was mother, grandmother, wife, homemaker, and found time to serve as a Commissioner on the Town Board of Dobson for a couple decades. While these two examples could be enough for any child, my parents found it most important to make sure my sister and I would learn of the perfect example: Jesus Christ. It is the faith and foundation they taught that I rely on today. Through my struggles, my failures and trials I have hope and guidance from Christ.

As a youth, I admired and desired to be like my parents. I worked for my father while in school every spare moment I could; including nights, weekends, and holidays in every weather condition imaginable. I completed college and worked full-time concurrently, which I am confident groomed my ability to multitask efficiently. Almost two decades ago, I began my career as a judicial official. I also continued to work for my father until his death, building upon my work ethic and my multi-functioning capabilities. My greatest joy as a judicial official came in the opportunities I was able to reach out and truly help others, most often the ones who had nothing to give anyone. Those times made me realize all along that serving others is where my happiness can be found.

I am experienced and desire to serve the public! I will fully implement the technology and resources available in a competent, accurate, fair, and accessible environment for everyone.  I am and will always be a defender and protector of the Constitution and the values it represents.  My conservative beliefs are apparent in my actions, and represented in my works.

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